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Fallero packaging with Greener Printing


Fallero is the winner of the Suomalainen Menestysresepti 2021 competition

A recipe for success – Fallero and its packaging!

Fallero broad bean falafel is the winner of the Suomalainen Menestysresepti 2021 (‘Finnish recipe for success’) competition. For this Finnish vegan novelty product developed in the kitchen of Kuori Food and Wine, impressive packaging with a minimal carbon footprint was also necessary. “We wanted to stand out from the store shelf in a positive way, so we ended up choosing super colorful packaging that is sure to catch your eye. The brand just radiates freshness, flavor and trendiness,” says Katariina Vesterinen from Mums Oy.

“Our company’s values include sustainability. At Mums, we feel that companies are responsible for making choices that are as eco-friendly as possible, whenever it’s possible. It’s important for us that our partners also operate sustainably,” Vesterinen adds. According to Vesterinen, the packaging minimizes the amount of plastic and is made of 100% recyclable mono-material while also being visually appealing. For the packaging printing, Expanded Gamut Printing (EGP™) felt like a natural choice, as it allows printing with environmentally sustainable standardized inks, without special inks.

Thanks to the EGP method, the carbon footprint of the packaging printing could be reduced while also making the packaging result more visually striking. “The GreenerPrinting™ label signals to the consumers that the packaging is made with sustainable choices. GreenerPrinting with EGP also allows for higher-quality and more intense colors with less ink, which makes us more than happy,” Vesterinen continues. The packaging is printed by Westpak Oy, a Finnish forerunner printer in EGP, along with the industry pioneer, prepress company Marvaco Oy. The artwork is designed by the media agency Mediatoimisto Kraak Oy.

A new flavor of Fallero, ‘gentle rutabaga’ flavor, will be launched for the holiday season, expanding the product family following the same principles of sustainable development.

Fallero is the winner of the Suomalainen Menestysresepti 2021 competition for new food products. The winners have become the bestselling new products of the S Group grocery stores in several years.

For more information, please contact:

Katariina Vesterinen, katariina@ravintolakuori.fi,  Mums Oy
Arto Musakka, arto.musakka@westpak.fi,  Westpak Oy
Mirva Koskinen, mirva.koskinen@marvaco.com,  Marvaco Oy