Artikel 20.04.2021


EGP allows printing the most typical PMS colors


Greener Printing is the way in brand packaging!

The 25 most typical PMS colors in packaging printing were polled in Spring 2021 and the result showed that all these color tones can be made with Expanded Gamut Printing fully accepted within dE00<3.

The average dE00 for our EGP was 0,70 while for CMYK (FOGRA39) it was 3,72. The result proved that analog spot color mixing is no longer needed and the accurate brand colors can have better #Sustainability and #EcoEfficiency with process printing.

Since 2015 at Marvaco we perform the EGP method with >10 printing companies and >30 brand owners. If you want to become more eco-efficient or hear more, please get in contact!

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More information available from Kai Lankinen