Artikel 13.01.2021


Gang-run printing adds eco-efficiency


Gang-run printing is an efficient way to increase sustainability

By combining different print jobs into one run, the printer can make a short FMCG order more efficient and sustainable. When printing multiple lanes, the total print job becomes longer and it saves job setup time, effort and resources.

Kai Lankinen, Executive Partner at Marvaco, says that this way of printing is especially suitable with Expanded Gamut Printing (EGP™) jobs. This way the printers can compete agains the short series done earlier in digital printing. "I hope that this year will be the one to highlight the potential of this method", says Lankinen.

More information:
Kai Lankinen
Partner, Marvaco Ltd

MARVACO is the leading packaging premedia company and flexo plate supplier in the Nordic region. The company is the leading EGP supplier in Europe, and its services cover the full range of brand business artwork management and line extension creation to all packaging materials and printing methods. Marvaco Group operates in Finland, Sweden, and Germany at seven locations in total.

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