Artikel 05.02.2020


Appointment of Sales Manager


Harri Poukka has been appointed as the Sales Manager for Marvaco.

Harri Poukka has been appointed as Sales Manager of Marvaco Ltd. with responsibility of solutions for printing customers starting February 17th. Harri is a 49-year-old professional in printing business with technical and commercial education. He has done much of his career with packaging printing inks, thus knowing the printing industry well. As he now moves to Marvaco, Harri will connect with a customer base, where many of our customers already are familiar to him.

We are very pleased to welcome Harri Poukka to Marvaco. He is known for being a solution-oriented and systematic developer in his clientele. As Marvaco is involved in the development of printing for our customers, we believe that Harri is just the right, trusted person to strengthen customer cooperation.

We wish him the best of luck in his new job!

Harri’s contact information:
E-mail: harri.poukka@marvaco.com
Mobile: +358 40 900 9095

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