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Marvaco Helsingborg hits max score at FlexoExpert


Happy Marvaco Team in Helsingborg with 100% Flint Group's FlexoExpert certification

Marvaco is the leading packaging prepress and the biggest flexo plate producer in the Nordic region with eight locations in Finland, Sweden and Germany. Marvaco’s plate production unit in Helsingborg, Sweden, has now successfully completed the final audit of Flint Group’s FlexoExpert certification programme with a global maximum score.

“Marvaco Helsingborg is the first repro house in Scandinavia and the whole of Europe with a 100% score at FlexoExpert certification”, says Thomas Leuschner from Flint Group’s Technical Services. 

The audit and certification confirmed that all the functional tests and documentation of the plate-processing equipment and the measurement technology were optimised and constantly documented according to the requirements of Flint Group’s FlexoExpert. Each plate order is linked to the plate-processing parameters and the equipment status in Marvaco’s in-house digital documentation system and can be tracked. 

Jan Viberg, General Manager of Marvaco Sweden, says: “Our teams have worked tirelessly for continuous improvement, and we are very proud and glad of this result. Meeting the predictability goals and exceeding the specification requirements in flexo plate production is very important as it will give our printer and brand clients the best match with high quality and efficiency ­­­­– also in Expanded Gamut Printing. The FlexoExpert programme will be used as our common platform to deliver the same level of products across all our plate production units”.

The first Marvaco site to receive a FlexoExpert top score was the one in Sunne, Sweden, back in spring 2019. The third Marvaco site – the one in Ulvila, Finland – is also participating in the certification process in 2020. During a six-month process consisting of three main steps – evaluation, implementation and training, and auditing – FlexoExpert provides plate makers with the means to further optimise their workflow to produce more reliable and consistent plates.

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