Artikel 29.11.2018


OptiPack Grand Opening with EGP


Ulrik Fauler from OptiPack AB (on the right) together with Pavla Kusa and Petr Blasko from Soma and Ingemar Jonsson from Marvaco presenting the brand new EGP combination print

Congratulations Ulrik and OptiPack AB team for the brand new factory!

Top of the line packaging printing factory with brand new equipment had opening in Sunne, Sweden on 29th of November 2018.

We're pleased to cooperate and show the top of the line printing with Expanded Gamut at the grand opening of the new factory with Soma Optima2 printing press. 6x colorful jobs co-printed in a one run with only 7 colors. With this set-up there is no need to wash out the colors between the job change. The new HiQ EGP solution is Greener Printing with high efficiency.

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