Artikel 06.04.2018


Process printing is Magic


In the picture: Marvaco and Sun Chemical making test runs at the Broby Graphic School in Sunne Sweden

CMYK flexo printing is Magic! When you think that you know how it works, try something totally new and learn - that it works too!

Once again we had a great TestRun day at Broby Graphic school in Sweden. We made many unusual process tests and learned that there are many ways to print differently, but with excellent quality. Real scale R&D runs are a good way to keep breaking the barriers of ColorStrength, SmoothSolids, PerfectDots and FadingZero. 

– Thanks for the Colorful Collaboration team Sun Chemical and Brobygrafiska!

Key words: Expanded Gamut, Extended Gamut, Fixed Color Palette, EGP, ECG, FCP, XG, Packaging

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