Artikel 01.03.2018


Strategic Partnership Creates Possibilities


In the picture: Marvaco FIN & SWE teams meeting with CSW USA team in Helsinki

Inspiring intercontinental collaboration with CSW Graphics Inc. in Helsinki was the highlight of the week. Hot topics of the day: ExpandedGamut, DigitalAutomation, 3D_Rendering, UnlimitedResources and GlobalBrandSupport 

Collaboration gives a boost to mutual development and brings new aspects to our work, for developing new tools and services to our customers around the world. 

– Thank you Marek and Scott from CSW Graphics Inc. for the visit!

Key words: Expanded Gamut, Extended Gamut, Fixed Color Palette, EGP, ECG, FCP, XG, Packaging

Tags: #HiQ_EGP #Flexo #Packaging #EGP #CMYKOGV #Pakkaus