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Marvaco's partners hit the jackpot at FT Awards


Marvaco's partners hit the jackpot at FT Awards 2017.

The traditional FlexoTech Awards bring the leaders in flexography together. In 2017, the awards ceremony was organised in London on 23 November. The awards were granted to best flexography works from 2017. Finnish printing industry professionals were again awarded this year.

Several Finnish printing companies that work together with Marvaco Oy participated in the finals of the Flexible Packaging category, including Elecster Oyj, Rani Plast Oy Ab, RKW Finland Oy and Westpak Oy Ab. In addition, DS Smith Finland, who has been successful in the Corrugated Post-Print category in the previous years, made it to the finals this year, as well. All of the above-mentioned entries were produced in collaboration with Marvaco.

Getting to the finals of an international competition is a great achievement, and having six entries across three different categories is a sign of Finland's excellent printing competence. Both Elecster and Westpak won their respective categories. In addition, Westpak received the Supreme Award for the best work in the entire competition. Marvaco was the repro partner in this entry, as well. The finals were also a recognition for the new EGP technology: all of these winning entries used Marvaco Full HD EGP (Expanded Gamut Printing) repro-plate technology. 

Westpak and Elecster have both received the EGP partnership certificate as a recognition for successfully implementing this modern production process. The certificate was awarded by Marvaco Oy, the pioneer in EGP technology. Westpak successfully adapted EGP in 2015 and was the first Nordic printing company to do so. The higher quality of Full HD EGP-printed packages enables new, higher-quality and more diverse printing solutions that can be expected to succeed in international printing competitions in the future, as well.

EGP enables a high-quality, efficient and more productive packaging printing with no need for spot colors. In EGP, print and brand colors are implemented with digitally assisted ink blending in a more predictable, precise, and clean manner. The CMYK color gamut is enriched e.g. with additional OGV (Orange, Green, Violet) process inks, which doubles the number of color shades compared to the Pantone+ color series. The EGP technology enables parallel printing of different products at the same time and printing smaller print runs more cost-efficiently. It also reduces the environmental impact of printing. 

International brand owners and printing companies are moving on to EGP, or have already partially adopted it. The interest towards EGP continues to increase in Finland, as well. Marvaco is a Finnish pioneer in EGP, implementing the technology together with packaging printing companies both in Finland and internationally. 

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