Artikel 28.02.2017


Leif started pension with a flexo print


Leif Backman proved his excellent flexo printer skills by completing a high quality flexo job under supervision of colleaques.

Our Sweden Managing Director Leif Backman started his pension by making his own flexo printing at Broby school in Sunne. Friends and colleagues were celebrating together with Leif on his last working day.

Leif has done a long and comprehensive journey in the Swedish flexoindustry. During his 40 years in business he has work on all different areas of printing. In 1994 he and his colleaques founded the FlexoPartner, where he has been the Managing Director, which later became part of Marvaco.

In Sweden Leif has been known as "Mr. Flexo" due to his big effort on behalf of developing the industry and education together with friends and collaques. Among others Leif has been the founder member of Brobygrafiska school in Sunne, and even a member of the board at SweFlex.

During the last day of February 2017 Leif was making a "blind print" on a Bobst F&K 6S as a surprice, that colleaques arranged to him. The result was a "Kung Flexo" (swedish: "King Flexo") Full HD CMYK print on a paper board. Later that day there was a reception to the friends and colleaques at the Brobygrafiska School, where Leif held his presentation about this graphical journey through the years. In the evening, the work colleaques gathered to a dinner at Länsmans Gård.

"We thank you Leif for your great effort for the company and the whole flexoeducation and we feel priviledged that we have had a chance to work with you. It will be our pleasure to continue to work with you also after your retirement", says Marvaco's CEO Kai Lankinen.

Even Leif retired from daily work, he still continues as an active flexoexpert consultant and even as the Chairman of the Board at Marvaco Ab. Since 1st of March 2017 Marvaco's General Manager Mikael Lang is responsible for the Marvaco's Scandinavian operations and businesses.