Artikel 20.12.2016


FlexoPartner will soon be called Marvaco


By new year 2016/2017, FlexoPartner AB are going to change their name to Marvaco AB. FlexoPartner is located in Sweden and specializes in prepress for flexoprinting, they’ve been a part of Marvaco group since 2015 and the name change is a way to simplify the group structure.

We have a strong quality and service culture. We want to be able to express that under one clear identity. The name change will also make it easier for our customers and partners to reach us, says Leif Backman, CEO of FlexoPartner.

FlexoPartner AB has been a subsidiary of Marvaco for nearly two years. The companies have been closely integrated during this time and the name change will not change the way of work. Marvaco Group is the largest packaging prepress company in the Nordics and also a technological leader at the market. 

Working under one name will show our true resources and our capability to give service solutions to our customers. The name Marvaco is also internationally recognized after having received several customer cooperation awards in International printing competitions, says Mikael Lang, General Manager of Marvaco AB.