Artikel 30.11.2016


Expanded Gamut Printing in #Packsummit


Marvaco presented the benefits and possibilities of the new Full HD EGP - Expanded Gamut Printing in Wrap It Summit 2016 in Lahti, Finland.

At the Wrap It Packaging Summit there were over 350 participants and packaging professionals from Finland and Scandinavia. Marvaco was also there, of course, and held a presentation about the modern Full HD EGP - Expanded Gamut Printing.

With the modern EGP you need only 3-6 process inks to replace the spot inks. With EGP you can improve the quality and definition of the images. 

Benefits and possibilities:
1. Save TIME - no need to change inks and wash the press
2. Save SUBSTRATE - less set-up and hassel with colours
3. Save INKS - no spot ink mixing, nor spot ink stock
4. Be COLOR CONSISTENT - from run-to-run

As a Graphic Designer, with EGP you don´t have to worry about the traditional technical limitations that you are used to notice with PMS colours. Therefore as a designer you can now:
- be more creative
- use the expanded gamut of inks
- increase the quality, definition and details of the images
- make product variations easier and more cost effectively

Expanded Gamut is a production friendly way of printing with flexo and even offset!

Don´t hesitate to contact us for further information. Let´s take the advantage of the new era of EGP together!