Artikel 25.10.2016


Best A-class printers showcased again in London


In the picture from the left Marvaco's Tomi Havia and Westpak's Ville Riitahaara

FlexoTech International Print & Innovations Awards 2016 was held on 13th of October in London.

Westpak, Pa-Hu and Marvaco were once again successful in FlexoTech Awards 2016 packaging printing competition.

FlexoTech is one of the most favored and most demanding flexo printing competitions in Europe, where the best flexo printers will be showcased. The nominations to the finals are selected from among the hundreds of printed samples by the experienced judges.

This year there were two Finnish flexo printing companies from the Nordic countries. In the Mid Web category the job from Westpak was a job that was earlier printed in gravure printing. In the Best Use of Flexo Within a Single Forme category the job from Pa-Hu was a job that was earlier printed in offset printing.

The theme of the competition was cost effectiveness, which in combination to the very high quality level was a very demanding task to perform. Due to this, the both jobs were executed with the Expanded Gamut technology, which these companies have taken into use among the first printers in Finland.

Together with these printers and ink suppliers Marvaco has been developing the Full HD EGP technology, where the print job is executed using the Expanded Gamut in combination with the Full HD Flexo. The new EGP technology will be revolutionising the both flexo printing quality and effectiveness. Westpak has launched this technology under the name of WestTone.

The new Expanded Gamut technology was very successfully demonstrated as the "PETFOOD" design already in Drupa'16 together with the press manufacturer Soma Engineering and plate and ink maufacturer Flint Group. Additional information about the jobs and the Full HD EGP process can be received from Tomi Havia, Tapio Alanko and Kai Lankinen.

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