Artikel 31.03.2016


Kostym Designindustries Ab becomes a part of Marvaco


The Kostym team: design director Olle, production manager Ludwig, graphic designer Bea, packaging designer Frans, packaging development manager Madelene and managing director Helén

Marvaco complements its services with a new acquisition in Sweden

Marvaco expands its business once again by acquiring the operations of Kostym Designindustries AB, who specialise in packaging artwork design and operates in Central Sweden. Kostym, operating in Karlstad, is an expert on creative packaging design with years of experience in consumer goods and high-level technological knowledge. The operations of the company and 6 people working there will join Marvaco Group, starting from 1 April 2016.
The acquisition is the third one Marvaco has made in Sweden within a short time, after which the Marvaco concept will be identical both in Finland and in Sweden. Kai Lankinen, the Managing Director of Marvaco Group, says that the acquisition will complement the operations offered to Nordic packaging brand and printing clients, with Marvaco having an efficient and streamlined service chain and a great service capacity, ranging from designing the packaging to implementing the colour-controlled printing surface.
“Our service selection now covers all relevant aspects both in Finland and in Sweden, which means we can better serve our international Nordic clients, in addition to local business,” Lankinen says.
The companies share a passionate corporate culture
Helén Högberg, the Managing Director of Kostym, reveals that Kostym has been looking for a suitable packaging prepress partner for some time. They were impressed by Marvaco’s positive attitude and internationally recognised, high-level know-how at the Scanpack exhibition in autumn, after which making a decision about the merge was easy, Högberg states.
Högberg says that since 2000, Kostym has successfully focused on developing artwork for consumer goods packagings and launching new products, taking the motives of consumer and buying behaviour into account.
Lankinen and Högberg are excited about collaboration opportunities and they believe the collaboration between the teams will accelerate the delivery chain and the response to clients’ service needs by eliminating unnecessary work and the associated costs.
Kostym Designindustries AB has a turnover of 1 million euros and it will operate in Sweden as a direct subsidiary of Marvaco Oy, with Helén Högberg continuing as the Managing Director of Kostym.

Get familiar with Kostym in here: www.kostym.se