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Finnish companies at FlexoTech 2015 awards in London


Best printing quality on corrugated cardboard

DS Smith, specialising in producing and printing corrugated cardboard, made it to the final with the OPA Muurikka print, produced at the DS Smith facility in Tampere. This corrugated cardboard packaging has attracted attention due to its challenging printing material and the CMYK process colour technology combined with it.

The packaging made for Muurikka is a result of the goal-oriented collaboration between DS Smith and Marvaco, and it uses the new process colour technology to create impressive artwork and replace the traditional method for printing corrugated cardboard in flexo printing.

Award category:
Corrugated post-print (C flute and above)

Flexo gives even better results than offset printing

The second job that made it to the final is Valio Crea Créme Fraîche, printed on board by Pa-Hu Oy. Valio and Coveris Rigid Finland Oy have also been part of the groundbreaking development project between Pa-Hu and Marvaco.

Traditionally, this type of job is printed through offset or digital printing, but this time, the work was implemented in flexo, using the Marvaco Full HD tools. The result convinced the jury that flexo is able combine efficiency with impressive printing quality. The spot in the final is in keeping with tradition, as the Pa-Hu and Marvaco collaboration has been recognised in the previous years, as well.

Award categories:
Best use of flexo within a single forme
Flexo job previously printed by another process

The evolution of printing surface production offers new opportunities

Marvaco implemented the printing tools of the competition jobs with the new Evolution concept, combining new innovations and investments. “This enables many aspects that have been previously unfeasible in flexo printing,” says Tapio Alanko, Customer Service Manager of Marvaco.

In Evolution, connecting Full HD and Full HD Soft printing plate technologies to in-line plate production technology brings about a more unified printing quality and expands the process colour space to a new level.

We will find out how high a position these jobs will reach when the awards are given out in London on 22 October.


OPA Muurikka print job and Valio Crea Créme Fraîche job.

More information
Tapio Alanko, Customer Service Manager, Marvaco Oy, tel. 043 824 3081

www.marvaco.fi and www.paperandprint.com/flexotech/awards