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EU 1169/2011 into force - are You prepared?


Regulation No 1169/2011 of food information into force 13.12.2014. Are you prepared?

In practice, the EU regulation means that almost all tens and hundreds of thousands food packages, sold in Finland and Europe, have to be renewed by year 2014. The transition period has been effective since 2011.

Regulation (EU) No 1169/2011 of the European Parliament and of the Council,

from 25 October 2011, on the provision of food information to consumers, concerning packaging information, will be effective from 13.12.2014. The regulation provides for principles, requirements and obligations of packaging information.

According to our research only about one quarter of the packages at the stores have been carried out. We have a vast endeavour ahead of us, with no time to waste, says Marvaco's Managing Director Kai Lankinen.

The regulation requires amendments to packages, as follows:

  • Readability (e.g. letter sizing clarity of text)
  • List of mandatory particulars
  • Specific particulars accompanying the name of the food
  • Ingredients (incl. mandatory information order of presentation, marking of salt.)
  • Minimum durability date
  • Country of origin or place of provenance
  • Allergens
  • Nutrition declaration

The mandatory food information will be applied from the 13.12.2014. Between 13 December 2014 and 13 December 2016, where the nutrition declaration is provided on a voluntary basis, as in common use in Finland, it shall comply with the regulation as of 13.12.2014.

At Marvaco we are prepared to carry out the changes to designs and print surfaces, according to the regulation.

Marvaco uses Esko's tailored Full HD Flexo technology that hepls in achieving the well detailled and clear readability and printing requiremensts of the 1169/2011 regulation. This has a visible difference in comparison to conventional printing techniques even like HD Flexo, tells Marvaco's Production and Development Director Marko Valkamo.

In issues involving amendments, please contact us via e-mail pakkaus@marvaco.fi or, by phone: +358 (0) 26 347 530. Inquiries for retail and industry, please contact our Product And Marketing Manager Heidi Valkamo.

More information of the EU 1169/2011 - regulation at the Eurocommerce website:

Guidance on food labelling