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Westpak wins gold and Best of Show in USA


Westpak wins gold and Best of Show at the FTA Awards in the USA

The Finnish flexible packaging printer Westpak is known for its high quality and has received a wide range of international recognitions. Like many other years before, Westpak, in cooperation with the prepress company Marvaco, once again reached the finals of the FTA Excellency in Flexography Awards and was awarded the gold medal and Best of Show Award. The esteemed awards ceremony took place in the USA on May 11th.

Westpak is the leading flexo printer using process printing. Thanks to this, it was the first printer in Europe to receive the EGP™ (Expanded Gamut Printing) partner certificate from Marvaco. Westpak can offer GreenerPrinting™ with EGP™, as well as more sustainable substrates, to its clients. This year’s winning print job, Leroy Torsk Lettsaltet, is a high-quality film printed at a resolution of 152 lpi. 

The Leroy Torsk job shows how the high-resolution printing produces extremely fine details with plenty of contrast, from highlights to shadows. Moreover, the artwork involves a high degree of difficulty as the strong solid colors are printed in harmony with the very demanding light blue color tones, combined with fine details of white fish, as well as negative texts. The result demanded excellent process control and was achieved in a more sustainable way of process printing.

Westpak is one of the most recognized printing companies that produce high-quality packaging in the Nordic region. The long-term cooperation with Marvaco has resulted in very efficient service and, ultimately, high-quality printing. Westpak’s Prepress Manager Ville Riitahaara explains the keys to success: “We have open daily communication between our printing department, the brand and the prepress to ensure that the goals are achieved. This development work requires trust between the partners and a shared will to find the best solutions for each artwork. Recognitions like these prove that we have done the right things in printing FMCG packaging where the demand for high quality and better sustainability is constantly increasing.”

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