Article 2020/07/31


The History of GPN by 2020


GPN is a world-wide network to connect packaging brand owners and printers

The Flexo Magazine 07/2020 wrote a good article about our way in building the Global Premedia Network (GPN). Read more about a brief history of CSW, Inc. and Marvaco with passionate prepress partners becoming Global Brand supplier with over 30 sites and 1000 professionals.

"All network members aim to establish a mutually beneficial collaboration in order to help brand owners maximize shelf impact, improve visual consistency and dramatically shorten time to market. Technological synergy, strategic locations, complementary knowledge and in-depth relationships with local packaging converters help brand owners to achieve sales and marketing goals on a truly global level with locally rooted representation."

Read the whole Flexo Magazine 2020/07 article:

Global Premedia Network (GPN) offers brand owners and their converters a new option for managing and procuring high quality and consistent packaging pre-media services and tooling for multiple print categories around the world. Since its inception in 2019, the network has expanded to 10 strategically located manufacturing partners on every continent except Antarctica.

Contact: Marek Skrzynski, Founding Member • +1 413 589-3369 • 
Contact: Kai Lankinen, Founding Member • +358 50 4277-616 • 

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