Article 2020/06/15


Bakery renewed packaging with Greener Printing


The GreenerPrinting™ label on Linkosuo’s RuisSipsi packaging to signal eco-friendlier packaging printing

A packaging design update enables more sustainable packaging printing

In its recently published sustainability report, Linkosuon Leipomo Oy states how it has paid attention to sustainable development in packaging production and chosen an eco-friendlier printing method for its packaging.

As we all know, the environmental sustainability of packaging has become a significantly important theme for both consumers and the packaging industry. New methods and materials open new opportunities, but those also need courageous pioneers to adopt them. 

Along the packaging design update for Linkosuo’s RuisSipsi products, the company paid special attention to sustainable development and responsible local production. As a result of long-term local collaboration, two Pirkanmaa-based companies, Linkosuon Leipomo and Peltolan Inc., decided to print paper bags with water-based inks using the more sustainable EGP™ (Expanded Gamut Printing) technology. 

In connection with the packaging design update, the printing plates were renewed to match the new packaging design, which allowed the companies to move from conventional spot color printing to EGP process color printing. This also allowed for reducing the number of plates by 14–28%, depending on the product. This significantly reduces both the need for washing the printing press between processes and the idling of the press, says Kari Hurme, Customer Service Representative at Peltolan Inc. The design update was implemented in co-operation with the packaging premedia company and plate manufacturer Marvaco Ltd, the European pioneer in EGP.

Linkosuo’s Development Director Suvi Urvikko-Mäkivaara says that the packaging update has made packaging material procurement more flexible and environmentally sustainable ­– while also improving the print quality. To communicate the packaging printing’s improved sustainability to consumers, the products have the GreenerPrinting™ label to signal the change of concept. Urvikko-Mäkivaara states that the update has been positively received in stores, as the sustainability of packaging has been one of the concerns among consumers.

You can download Linkosuo’s sustainability report here:

Additional information about GreenerPrinting™-label: 

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Suvi Urvikko-Mäkivaara
Development Director, Linkosuon Leipomo Oy 

Kari Hurme
Customer Service, Peltolan Pussi Oy 

Kai Lankinen
Partner, Marvaco Ltd