Article 2018/03/15


DFF with focus on Expanded Gamut Printing


In the picture: Danish Flexo Forum in Sorø (DK)

Danish FlexoForum 2018 was held in Sorø (DK) with 100 participants. The focus was on the current hot topic Expanded Gamut. In several presentations we heard benefits of the EGP and strong statements from Elopak about benefits based on their 18 yrs experience in #EloChrome:

  1. 1) Fixed ink set = 90% PMS color space
  2. 2) Predictability
  3. 3) Flexibility
  4. 4) Process stability
  5. 5) Reduce waste
  6. 6) Faster job changes
  7. 7) Fixed anilox spec
  8. 8) No chemistry waste

Well organised event and great presentations once again - Thank you!

Key words: Expanded Gamut, Extended Gamut, Fixed Color Palette, EGP, ECG, FCP, XG, Packaging Flexo, BrandColors

Tags: #HiQ_EGP #Flexo #Packaging #EGP #CMYKOGV