Article 2015/05/26


Marvaco InSight seminar lead by Lars Wallentin


We organised again a packaging-related Marvaco InSight seminar for our brand owner partners in the Radisson Blu Royal hotel in Helsinki at the end of April.

Like last year, the top professional in packaging, Lars Wallentin, was invited to the seminar as a guest expert. The hall was filled with packaging professionals coming to see this brilliant guest.

This time, the topic of the seminar was ‘Efficient Design Sells More!’ As usual, Wallentin had gone to see the selection in Finnish grocery shops, and he used several packages bought in Finland as examples – both good and bad – in his presentation.

Wallentin recommended that the Finnish be bolder in design and reassured the audience that often, less is more when it comes to packaging. The human mind must be given the opportunity to have an epiphany, and not everything needs to be written – particularly not on the front of the package. Wallentin recommends having professionals in the project from the start: this can save time and money significantly.

The knowledgeable audience participated actively in the discussion and challenged Wallentin several times. Wallentin succeeded once again in getting the audience to look at a package from a new point of view.

It is also possible to organise a customised workshop, lead by Lars Wallentin, via Marvaco. A few companies have already taken this unique opportunity. When you are interested, please contact Solution Manager, Heidi Valkamo (