Article 2015/05/19


Marvaco made a "monster" investment


Picture: Marvaco's employees beside the new automatic in-line production line

In the spring we invested in an automatic in-line production line of flexo printing plates. The line integrates three different process steps into a one process. The process offers the most uniform quality in the flexo printing market and reduces the load of the work.

The automatic line is the world’s third of its kind in the biggest scale. The employees of Marvaco have given a name "Monster" to the production line. Despite the big size and awesome outlook, the line is filled with the most modern and user friendly technology.

The production line helps improve the quality of the digital printing plates delivered to flexo press. The uniform quality is achieved through the integrated operations and automatic process monitoring of the in-line machine. The software of the machine monitors and records the parameters of the different stages of plate production.  After CDI exposure, all plate production stages are conducted in-line. The load of the work and risk of damaging the plate is minimised when there is no longer a need to lift the plate separately between different stages.

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